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Commissioned by various municipalities, the Knowledge Platform carries out a co-creation project in which we want to stimulate the interaction between research and policy. The aim is to make better use of (scientific) knowledge and practical insights, but also to improve knowledge exchange between and within municipalities.


The first three meetings were led by Suzan Christiaanse, Sjoerd IJdema and Marleen van der Werff. Several researchers have also presented their results. During the interactive sessions we discussed topics such as where the knowledge needs of professionals lie in their work, the circle of influence and how residentscan be placed more central in this. In addition, practical experiences were exchanged. During the last session, themes were further elaborated on the basis of the Design Thinking Method. The topics concerned ideas about maintaining and strengthening social cohesion and tools that professionals themselves need in their work. The infographics below present the results.


The sessions are for all professionals working with the gas extraction case, at both Groningen municipalities and relevant social organizations. Do you want to join next time? Please contact us and sign up!

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