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Ooggetuigen van de gaswinning

Over the next two years, Ooggetuigen van de gaswinning (the Eyewitnesses of Gas Extraction project) will record the stories of at least 100 people on video. In this way, recent history will be told through personal stories. Many stories have already been collected in recent years. But the testimonies of residents and those involved in gas extraction have never been recorded in a systematic and scientific way before.

Recording the stories in this way proves to be not only good for the processing of those who have experienced far-reaching events. It is also important for future generations. Examples from the recent past show that new generations are asking questions and digging into the past to find answers. Think of the third and fourth generation of Moluccans and the descendants of the first generations of guest workers. The renewed attention to the closure of the Limburg mines also shows this. These are important reasons to record the stories in Groningen now.

On behalf of the Knowledge Platform, we support the project about the social consequences of gas extraction with our knowledge. We collaborated on the design of the project, such as developing the research design and interview protocols. We are also providing an introductory lecture on the gas extraction case for the project team in April. This way we bring the team up to speed on the history and recent developments in the case.

Oral history is a way of recording history through spoken tradition. It revolves around collecting, preserving and analyzing individuals' stories, memories and experiences about events, cultures and traditions. Rather than relying solely on written documents, oral history offers a vivid and personal view of the past through interviews, conversations and testimony from people who lived through the events themselves.

To reach a wide and large audience, the history will be presented online in an innovative way. Epiq will use the content and will ensure that the stories are accessible to the public for a long time. The Groninger Archives will preserve all the original material. In this way, a source is created for eternity. 


Ooggettuigen van de gaswinning is an initiative of nine organizations with roots in Groningen based on an idea by Diepduik Media.

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