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The social consequences of gas extraction and soil movement are extensive and complex. Knowledge about this is spread over many different studies, knowledge institutions and agencies. The Knowledge Platform* maps this knowledge and indicates what unresolved issues are. In addition, the Knowledge Platform brings together knowledge seekers and knowledge providers and stimulates partnerships.


The Knowledge Platform is independent. We do not represent interests and do not take a position on policy issues. Our role is to collect, interpret and effectively disseminate the best knowledge in this field together with stakeholders. The Knowledge Platform consists of an interdisciplinary team. We are accessible and open to anyone who is interested in or wants to contribute to the development of knowledge about social issues in Groningen. We have an open attitude towards the various interests involved in the gas extraction dossier.

The subjects on which the Knowledge Platform wants to focus in the coming years can be divided into three core themes.

1. Impact and social disruption

The Knowledge Platform focuses on mapping the various aspects of the social impact of gas extraction in Groningen. The broad concept of 'social disruption' plays a central role in shaping mining projects, but the concept is insufficiently defined.

2. Recovery and trust

In Groningen, the approach to the gas extraction problem has led to material and immaterial damage, insecurity and a lack of trust. Proper handling of the problem is of great importance in order to be able to continue. Acknowledgement plays a central role in this.


3. Lessons from Groningen

Lessons can be learned from the experiences with the gas extraction in Groningen for managing mining projects in Groningen, but also in the rest of the Netherlands.

* The Knowledge Platform receives funding from: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Nationaal Coördinator Groningen and the municipalities of Eemsdelta, Het Hogeland, Groningen, Midden-Groningen and Oldambt.


Activities & Projects




Making better use of knowledge, insights and experiences together



Shell's Political Game

A conversation with Marcel Metze

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Insight into impact

The consequences of gas extraction for the residents of Groningen



Continue to build

On the report of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry



Groningen in beeld

About social impact 

and the future



Evaluation CBS

For the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

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As a Knowledge Platform, we are very involved in all developments within the gas extraction case. Our main goal is to create awareness of the social and societal consequences of gas extraction and other types of mining. We like to act as a source of information and occasionally make a contributions that appears in the media.


Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 

Jantina Tammeshuis - Sustainable Society

Nieuwe Kijk in 't Jatstraat 68

9712 SK Groningen

T 050 363 6317

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