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About us

The Knowledge Platform gathers and shares knowledge and research that is relevant for social policy in the Groningen gas extraction area. We bring people and knowledge together. Hereby, the Knowledge Platform indirectly contributes to the continuous improvement of policy. We strive for a society where industry, state and society are in harmony.

The Knowledge Platform is independent. We do not represent any specific interests, nor do we take a position on policy issues. Our role is to gather, interpret and effectively disseminate the most relevant knowledge in this area, in cooperation with all stakeholders (scientists, policy makers, citizens, professionals and administrators of (civil society) organisations). We are accessible and open to everyone who is interested in or wants to contribute to the development of knowledge about societal issues in Groningen. We have an open attitude towards the different and often conflicting interests that play a role in relation to gas extraction in Groningen.

The Knowledge Platform is housed at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen.

The Knowledge Platform has several core tasks: 

  • Collecting, collating and interpreting knowledge.

  • Creating an overview of knowledge gaps.

  • Sharing knowledge and publishing results.

Knowledge Overview

We carry out knowledge overviews which provide an accessible overview of the current state of knowledge concerning the social consequences of gas extraction and earthquakes in Groningen. 


By periodically organising public meetings on topics from the knowledge agenda we assemble researchers, residents, professionals, entrepreneurs and administrators who are involved in generating research and knowledge related to the main themes of the Knowledge Platform. We do this, for example, in the form of a knowledge café, where knowledge is shared in an informal setting with the opportunity to network, or in the form of an online webinar. Every year we organise a public Knowledge Congress. Both existing and new knowledge about the Groningen gas extraction case is shared. 


Knowledge desk

In addition to actively organising the pooling and transfer of knowledge, the Knowledge Platform is also accessible for stakeholders to answer questions upon request. The Knowledge Platform acts as a knowledge desk within the network. Various activities for the Knowledge Platform fit within this function.

  • We provide advice and insight for all actors within the network and provide contributions in the media.

  • We give lectures upon request, for example to present the results of the knowledge overview.

  • We organise critical reviews. These are open dialogues between science, management, professionals and society which investigate whether knowledge is available, whether this knowledge is relevant, and whether and how this knowledge is applied.   

The Knowledge Platform aims to enhance the attention devoted to societal impact in mining policy. To this end, we stimulate partnerships, co-creation and the creation of a diverse network.


For the longer term, our ambition extends beyond Groningen. We want to use the experiences from and insights and knowledge about gas extraction in Groningen to contribute to the development of mining policy that takes into consideration societal impact elsewhere in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. The province of Groningen is now experiencing the negative societal impact of gas extraction. Drawing lessons from the situation in Groningen, this might be prevented elsewhere. In addition, we want to engage with knowledge about transitions after disasters as well as the prevention of slow onset disasters. While great amounts of fossil energy are still being extracted all over the world, the province of Groningen wants to spearhead the transition to (more) sustainable energy. The insights and lessons learned from this transition can be used within and outside of the province.


We actively collaborate other parties. Are you interested in cooperating with us? Please feel free to contact us.

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