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Debate - Building on the Report of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry

On Friday, the 24th of February, the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on Gas Production Groningen (PEAG) presented the report "Groningers over Gas" in Zeerijp. Extensive research was conducted. Between June and October 2022, public hearings took place in which a total of 68 people were questioned. After this, the committee began drafting the final report. As the Knowledge Platform, we wanted to discuss the report and its recommendations. Therefore, on Monday, the 6th of March, in the auditorium of the Academy Building, we held a debate in which we interpreted, reflected and discussed the gas extraction case together with several speakers.


Herman Bröring (professor administrative law), Dirk Jan Wolffram (professor of history of modern governance and politics), Reinalda Start (journalist and co-author The Gas Colony), Heleen Ekker (journalist and co-author The Gas Colony), Merel Jonkheid (spokesperson for Groninger Bodem Beweging), Hanneke Pot (lecturer & researcher in medical anthropology and applied psychology), Agustín De Julio (PhD candidate at Knowledge Platform), Tom Postmes (scientific director of Knowledge Platform).

6 maart 2023 debat blok 1 vertrouwen gaswinning Groningen aardbevingen Shell Leefbaarheid gezondheid schade parlementaire enquete commissie
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