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critical review versterking woningen gaswinning en aardbevingen in Groningen
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Critical Review #5 - On Using Knowledge in Reinforcement

On 24 June, the University of Groningen (RUG) presented the report of a critical reflection on the use of knowledge in reinforcement to the National Coordinator Groningen. This report is based on a series of individual interviews and two open dialogues between scientists, government and agencies involved in the reinforcement task in Groningen. The meetings were led by Professor Wim Derksen and were organized by Mariëlle Gebben.


The basis of this critical review is an analysis of the use of knowledge during reinforcement. On this basis, Derksen and Gebben indicate how they, together with the participants, reflect on the usefulness of knowledge and its application in practice. The findings show a major difference between the system world of policy and the living environment of the citizens. "As striking as the gap between the two in the amplification is, we and our interlocutors have never seen it before." The report concludes with a look to the future: what next?

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