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Restoration of social unrest and trust

June 12, 2019

Experts are considering the steps to be taken towards restoring social peace and confidence regarding the gas extraction case.

Program developer, copywriter, journalist and presenter Janine Abbring chaired the day. Nina Huygen and Annemarie Heite gave two lectures, after which experts worked in small groups on the recovery of social unrest and trust. Our goal was to go beyond a good analysis. It concerns concrete steps, partly by the attendees themselves, their organizations and through good cooperation.


Nina Huygen (former director of the Violent Offenses Compensation Fund) talked about her experiences at the Compensation Fund. Under her leadership, the compensation fund has developed a completely different approach to compensation than before. Legal considerations are less central to this approach; the emphasis in the approach to victims is on offering a listening ear, showing understanding and acknowledging the suffering that has been suffered. This lecture offered valuable insights for the gas extraction case.

Annemarie Heite lectured about the concrete problems that people in Groningen encounter. She provided her own vision on a different approach in Groningen, which can help to tackle problems related to damage and reinforcement faster and more decisively. She advocates a different way of working together.

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