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Pilot Knowledge table: Resilience and well-being

June 2017

During the knowledge table, a large number of representatives of organizations and residents held a broad discussion about the problems and possible solutions in the gas extraction region. The pilot knowledge table identified twelve important questions. Based on the topicality, impact and/or an essential element for future knowledge agendas, there are five questions that have a higher priority:

1. What can agencies do now to restore trust?
2. What is a good integrated approach for the prevention and treatment of stress, unrest, and dissatisfaction due to soil movement?
3. How can communication about soil movement be improved?
4. What is the influence of the reinforcement operation on the health of residents?
5. Which methods (eg for reconstruction, mitigation and prevention) that have proved successful in other disasters can also be applied in Groningen?

Based on these questions, the contours of a number of themes can be outlined:

Theme 1: From vulnerability and insecurity to resilience. What monitoring, prevention, interventions and communication tools are needed to help individuals and communities (intergenerational) move forward?

Theme 2: An improved living environment. Which principles and working methods help, from the kitchen table to the administrative level, to make a workable balance between requirements with regard to safety, wishes of residents, identifying and preserving cultural and visual heritage, strengthening the Groningen identity, and making the living environment more sustainable?

Theme 3: Economic and social recovery. Which means and methods stimulate entrepreneurship, the decisiveness of residents and administrators and strengthen social bonds and cohesion?

Theme 4: Restoring trust. Which working methods and agreements make it possible to collaborate constructively, from the kitchen table to the administrative level, and within governments and different layers of government, the private sector, and residents, and between these different groups of actors?

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