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Webinar 'Groningen and the earthquakes'
How knowledge hardly improves policy – a webinar about the Critical Reviews

Between March 2017 and June 2021, the Knowledge Platform organized six Critical Reviews on behalf of the National Coordinator Groningen.  


In each Critical Review, a specific subject related to gas extraction in Groningen was central. Regarding many of these issues, considerable differences of opinion between scientists, governments, companies, social authorities and residents exist. The purpose of a Critical Review is to enter into a dialogue with these parties in order to provide insight into different perspectives and approaches.


Wim Derksen (chairman during the Critical Reviews) and Mariëlle Gebben (process manager Critical Reviews) wrote a book about these Critical Reviews: Groningen and the earthquakes: how knowledge hardly improves policy. It is a description of to what extent the knowledge on which the government bases its policy is useful and whether the case of  Groningen is unique in this regard. They will present their book during the webinar on January 27, 2022.  


Tom Postmes and Nienke Busscher from the Knowledge Platform interview two guests. They ask Hans Alders (former National Coordinator Groningen) - as the initiator of the Critical Reviews - how he looks back on the Critical Reviews. Jouke de Vries (chairman of the board of the University of Groningen) also joins. He will discuss the role of knowledge and the university in social issues.  


You can register for the webinar via the button below. You will receive the link to the broadcast by 26 January at the latest. The webinar is live and is supported by My Facilities. 

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