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Aziza works as a researcher at the Knowledge Platform from August 2023. During her bachelor's degree in English Language and Culture and master's degree in Euroculture, she did research into the interaction between language, culture and society in an international context. Before that, she also studied for a period in Manchester (England) and Olomouc (Czech Republic). Yet, as a born and bred Groningen resident, she wanted to make a contribution to Groningen after graduating. From 2021 till 2023, she worked as a trainee at the Nationaal Programma Groningen at various authorities in the gas extraction area. She learned how important it is to have conversations with different actors in the dossier and connect multiple perspectives. After the traineeship, she wanted to continue working for Groningen. As a researcher at the Knowledge Platform, she hopes to contribute to sharing, interpreting and connecting existing knowledge about gas extraction in Groningen. She will work to bring people into dialogue within the gas extraction dossier and to disseminate the lessons of Groningen in an (inter)national setting. Based on her study background, she is also interested in the interaction between language, culture and society in this file. In this way, Aziza hopes to contribute to a more inclusive society in which everyone is taken into account.

Aziza Zijlstra

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