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Knowledge Café 'The future of exploitation in the Northern Netherlands' 

On January 18th, the Knowledge Platform held a Knowledge Café about the future of exploitation in the Northern Netherlands. During the meeting, the societal impact of extractive industries was discussed. Can lessons be drawn from the gas extraction case in Groningen?


Three experts talked about the social impact of extractive industries such as wind energy and salt mining. We entered into dialogue about social disruption and how this can be prevented and/or mitigated.


Frank Vanclay (Prof. Cultural Geography University of Groningen) told us more about the impact of large (international) projects on the local population and the environment and the role of social impact assessment. His presentation can be downloaded here. Durk van Tuinen (former director of Frisia Zout B.V.) zoomed in on Harlingen, where Frisia extracts salt under the Wadden Sea. He explained what actions Frisia takes to consider the wishes of local residents. The presentation can be found here. Ron van Wonderen (Theme coordinator Knowledge Platform Integration & Society and senior researcher Verwey-Jonker Institute) explained the side effects of wind energy on land. You can download his presentation here Tom Postmes led the event. 

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