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Liveable and Promising Groningen

June 14, 2018

During the knowledge table, the experts discussed the quality of life and opportunities in and around Groningen. In setting up this first knowledge table, a conscious decision was made to obtain a broad picture of the themes and questions surrounding a liveable and promising Groningen.

Here are 4 similarities that stand out. It is clear that (1) the resident must play a more central role, both in the research and in the future approach, and (2) that there are many questions about communication and how it can be improved. A third observation is that there are relatively few 'pure' knowledge questions and relatively many questions about the application and implementation of existing knowledge (questions about 'how to'). We therefore suggest (3) that there are opportunities in closer collaboration between 'performers' and knowledge and science in order to ensure that the implementation of research results in practice is faster and better. Consider, for example, the collaboration of institutions with scientists and researchers in so-called 'co-creation' processes to involve scientific knowledge and practical experience more directly in the development of a practical approach. Finally, we notice that at all tables there is a strong need to (4) look ahead to the future opportunities and possibilities. At the same time, we note that there are still many questions to be answered in this area – future research could contribute by not only offering perspectives, but also concrete starting points.

These four overarching outcomes are incorporated in the knowledge agenda and form the basis for subsequent knowledge tables.

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