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Knowledge café 'about compensation for immaterial damages, the story platform of the IMG and recognition'
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In November 2021, the IMG started the phased roll-out of the regulations for the compensation of immaterial damages. What has happened since we discussed this with the IMG in June 2021? What are the outcomes of the pilot and how have the outcomes influenced the current settlement? On Tuesday, February 15, we discussed how this settlement can contribute to the goal of providing a measure of satisfaction for residents with the IMG and two experts.

In this Knowledge Café, the IMG also discussed the recently launched story platform. The story platform is an initiative to provide a space for people to tell their personal stories about the problems they have experiences as a result of gas extraction in Groningen.

In addition to Bas Kortmann (Professor of Civil Law and Chairman of the IMG Board) and Alex Sheerazi (Communication Manager IMG), Nina Huygen (Manager National Government) and Hanneke Muthert (Adjunct professor of psychology of religion with special attention to mental care and well-being of the University of Groningen) participated in the Knowledge Café. Based on their expertise, they shed a light on recent developments at the IMG, the situation related to gas extraction in Groningen and the state of mind of residents in the area. The IMG presentation can be downloaded here. you can find Nina Huygen's presentation here and Hanneke Muthert's presentation here.

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